Sunday, October 31, 2010

Team Coco Shirts for Free

If you're on twitter a lot, or never even, but you like Conan O'Brien you should follow @teamcoco for a free shirt tomorrow. The deal is posted on their site for the full scoop. But the long and short of it is, they're giving away 1,000 free shirts to the first people to use the promo codes they tweet for 10 days (10/31 is day two, so you have eight more days/eight more shirts). 1,000 a day. So if you miss the message and check it 30 seconds later, it'll be too late. @Teamcoco has 83,483 followers as of now. So make one of them the 'out-of-luck'ers. After all, it's free. I got the zombie one today! Whoo!