Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where to Find New Music

hypno-cat Where to go to find great music. What to do when you find it. Well, I suppose it depends on what kind of music you like. If I'm totally bored with the groups I listen to, and I really want something new, I go to Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist. I'll download a torrent of the month and run through it, weed out what's great, and what's not so awesome. Another cool place to try, for Indie Rock, is They list several playlists every month to sample. They're not as great as Blalock, in my opinion. But hey, you were bored to begin with right?

Now, once you've decided to go ahead and download a torrent, are you done? No. You have to have a BitTorrent client to use the torrent and complete the download. Basically, a torrent is a shortcut telling the BitTorrent client where to download the files from. Now, some people use BitTorrent for piracy, and they infringe on copyrights. This is ill-advised. The sites above, are not mine, and I did not post any music on the internet.

If you don't have a BitTorrent client, I recommend uTorrent. I use it, and it's a very quick, small-sized client. And, one more little trick to boost your download speeds:

  1. Open the torrent with uTorrent
  2. Let uTorrent assign you "seeders"
  3. Click the "Trackers" tab at the bottom
  4. Right-click one of the web addresses and click "Add Tracker"
  5. Erase all but one address, but then add a random number in the address somewhere
  6. This will make uTorrent not find the tracker, hopefully boosting your down speed

I use this trick all the time, and with my phone tethering, I can get about 500kb/s. So, in closing, if you aren't a fan of indie, I'm sorry. But hey, you never know, you may find something that tickles your fancy. And if you do like indie, I hope you enjoy checking these places out for some new toonskies.

Please, share where you get ideas for your new music in the comments!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Double Rainbow

If You Haven't Seen It, You Haven't Lived

Tosh.0 is one of my favorite shows. I see so much crap on there that just cracks me up to tears. I can't remember if this exact video was on there, or if I saw it on knowyourmeme. Either way, my friends and I can not stop quoting this guy. It's so hilarious. One of my new favorite YouTube videos out there.

It's not too short, but watch it ↓

"It's starting to even look like a TRIPLE RAINBOW." That's got to be my favorite line for sure. This guy had to have been so high, I mean come on. I'm not saying it isn't magnificent, but, wow dude. Thank you for recording such a crazy rant for mother nature. May it live long deep within the internets.

Know Your Meme Episode: Double Rainbow

If you haven't visited knowyourmeme, you've got to try it out. There's literally every internet phenomenon listed, in detail, for you to browse. Hours upon hours of hilarity. Double rainbow is just one awesome example.

Share your favorite memes in the comments below! I'm always looking for new ones.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tetherme and Gameboy4iphone

I have always raved about how great MyWi is because I hadn't ever seen
anything work so well. I tried out pdanet, but it's run as a dialup
connection and isn't anywhere near as fast as MyWi when tethering.
MyWi is great for the wifi capability. If you have an iTouch laying
around or laptop that needs Internet, MyWi is your man. But I don't
really need to worry about wifi. I have a desktop and I need a solid
USB tethering fix. So while I was looking around at other options, I
stumbled upon a package in Cydia called tetherme. Basically,
all it does is force-activates the iPhone's built-in tethering feature
without you having to add tethering to your plan and roll your
unlimited data down to 2GB. If you're on AT&T like me, that is.
Anyway, tetherme is a paid app offered by BigBoss repo so it should
already be listed in Cydia on your phone. However, if you'd like to
try it out first, you could add
(touch and hold the link then copy address) into your custom sources
in Cydia. It may give you a warning about illegal content (ie
cracked apps) but just click okay. And try tetherme for free. But if
you like it and intend to use it, I strongly recommend you
purchase the legitimate app from the Cydia store. Support these
programmers that unlock some amazing potential.
That was just
on my mind, the real app I'd like to blog about is a gaming app.


Gameboy4iphone is, like you might've guessed, a gameboy color emulator
for the iPhone. It's from zodttd, a default source so you don't have
to add any sources to Cydia just search for gameboy4iphone. It's
totally free! The thing I love most about it is that it has the option
to use a wiimote instead of the touchscreen thereby turning your phone
into a portable console with a wireless remote. As you can see in the photo, go to Settings then flip the Wiimote Control switch to on. After you've activated the Wiimote Control option, exit the game back to the homescreen. Make sure to turn off bluetooth in settings, otherwise the app won't be able to start the bluetooth stactk which is what syncs up with the Wiimote. After you've got that settled, you can play whatever games you have! Getting roms is pretty easy, a google search will suffice or you can find tons of roms at Coolrom or Doperoms. You can either unzip these files on your computer and SSH them into your phone or just use iFile to unarchive. But that's a walkthrough for another day.

Looking Back at 10/10/10

I know I missed 10/10/10 for this post, but I still want to share! I work in Loss Prevention and I started a tradition where I take home a snapshot of the entrance doors at the time of day where the day, year, month, hour, minute, and seconds match up! I wanted to post these couple of pictures earlier but I didn't have a chance. I can't wait until 11/11/11 now! I'll also have to take pictures 1/1/11. If you have any pictures with the full timestamp, please post them and leave a link in the comments! I am looking to expand my collection! But until next time, I've gotta go because I'm starving! Enjoy looking at these nachos from Pablo's Mexican Restaurant.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Greenpois0n Delayed

Today was supposed to be the day of the final jailbreak! Greenpois0n was supposed to be released today to jailbreak all newer generation iDevices and set them up for future exploits permanently. But iPhone Dev GeoHot released Limera1n last night and made the dev team decide to not release their jailbreak and give Apple two exploits to patch. So, Greenpois0n is holding off on the SHAtter jailbreak and they're implementing limera1n to Greenpois0n. Download Limera1n Now! I downloaded Limera1n early this morning and everything is running great on my iPhone 4 running iOS 4.1. I highly recommend not waiting, and free your phone now!