Thursday, October 28, 2010

Visit Pawnee, OK

Pawnee Oklahoma

Why do you need to visit Pawnee? What the heck is Pawnee? Well, the answer to both of those questions is, I eat massive amounts of spaghetti. Pawnee is named after the Pawnee Indians. They were known to be bloodthirsty mad men. And the town reflects this history. It's a tiny place with a little over 2,000 inhabitants. Largely Indian population of course.

This past Monday, my wife and I and one of our friends decided to travel down to Pawnee, my wife's old stomping grounds. We left for there at about ten at night. It was starting to cloud up overhead, and the moon was full and gorgeous! It really was a perfect night. Our first stop was my wife's old home, which her mom still owns, that is currently vacant. We dropped off our supplies, guzzled some Amps and hit the town. Our first stop was the lake.

Pawnee Lake

We went to the lake and the wind was so strong. There was clearly a storm coming our way. It was seriously such crazy strong wind, we wondered how bad the storm was going to be. The wind was howling so loudly in the trees nearby. So spooky, and awesome! After we toured the lake and the bath house, we headed to the cemetery.


We stopped by the cemetery, and walked through to see what was sparkling back at us as we parked. It was shining bright at us, but it turned out to be a stupid shiny piece of paper. There was a weird glowing cross gravestone though. That was super creepy. But after the cemetery we parked the car and walked the town.


We walked all up and down downtown. One of the biggest deals, aside from Indian stuff, in Pawnee is Dick Tracy. Yes, Dick Tracy. Every store sells Dick Tracy stuff, or has a Chester Gould mention, he created Dick Tracy. Chester Gould was from Pawnee, and Dick Tracy is Pawnee's claim to fame.

The Orphanage

The Orphanage is the creepiest place of all. The video is a walk through I did of the building. The door was literally wide open, totally inviting me inside. My wife was too scared to go inside so she stayed outside in the car. The story behind the orphanage is a weird one. The caretaker of the orphanage that had recently taken over, was not a people person. She certainly wasn't a "children" person. She thought the orphans were deplorable. So one night, as the kids were being particularly noisy, the caretaker locked them all in the upstairs for the night. Well, unfortunately, a fire broke out and the little girls couldn't escape because of the door being locked. All twenty of them burned to death. I don't think the holes in the floor in the video are from the fire, but, that place sure is in disrepair.

Those are just a handful of the millions of reasons you should visit Pawnee, OK. But if you don't live anywhere close, don't waste your vacation.