Saturday, October 9, 2010

Never Talk to the Police

The other day my friend sent me a YouTube video about why no one should ever talk to the cops, especially if they are a suspect. I was not only entertained by the pretty long video, 27min, but was very interested. Professor James Duane, a once defense attorney, teaches at Regent Law School. He made this video with 7 reasons why interviewing with the police will only be bad for your situation. Again, it's a long video, but enjoy!

The video ends with him giving the stage to a local police officer, Officer Bruch. Bruch has had over 28 years in law enforcement and he continues off of what Prof. Duane mentioned. Listening to this officer was pretty entertaining too, but I feel like I learned more from the professor. Go figure. It's still worth watching if you're interested. It's another long one, like 22min. Enjoy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanks for Following!

100 Followers! Thanks for the support! I do it for you guys! I've got to really buckle down and quit making filler articles like websites and celebratory paragraphs. But until then, thank you for the support! Much love from Adam, the Motherbluffer. As part of my thanks, please print the cash coupon above to use at any location that accepts money! I wouldn't advise any of the above though.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogger Design Templates

Blogger templates are a dime a dozen these days. But the crazy thing is, is that no one really takes advantage of them. I'll admit I wasn't the least bit concerned about how my blogspot looked when I started. But then I every once and a while I'd see a spectacular theme! One that'd really impress me and I wondered what I could do to spice mine up. So I searched google for blogger templates and the first result was all I needed. It took me to BTemplates. There are literally thousands of different templates to choose from and every last one there, is completely FREE. No piracy, just a little copyright on the bottom much like the default Blogger templates. The theme I use is called Borealis Blue. I am so glad I found that place to brighten up my blog. I suggest you visit BTemplates if you get a chance or if you're looking to change up your blogspot.

Adding the Template

Once you've found a template you like, save it to your computer and unzip it. The '.xml' is the only thing you'll need. Next log into your blogger account then go to Design > Edit Html. Important reminder: if you're planning on trying out a template, be sure to first save your current one in case you change your mind. Templates are very lightweight XML files and take up like no space on your computer. So be sure to have saved a backup of your current template before changing. Next though, choose the file of the template you downloaded and then click upload. That will set up your template for you and confirm the merging of any widgets not built into the template. Pretty simple.

A Few Tweaks

When I got my templates I noticed that they didn't have ad widgets built in. Not a big deal, blogger will see that you have ads and will suggest to add the adsense widget to the newly imported template.

Another thing was my blogger navbar had disappeared but was still counted as being on in blogger's page elements settings. It turns out that the template had hidden the navbar through the CSS. If you'd like to keep your navbar visible, simply go to the 'edit html' portion of design and then hit 'ctrl+f', or however you access the find feature of your browser, and type 'navbar'. If it finds it in the text box with your template's code, you may see something like this:
navbar {




In order to make the navbar visible again, just erase that whole portion. Erase the word navbar and the brackets and everything between. That will make the navbar go back to whatever you have it set to through blogger.

One last thing that I had to customize were the extras that the template had. Borealis Blue comes with a twitter and rss follow button, your ad here's, and tabs on top. I didn't want any of these things so it took some CSS investigating. I use Google Chrome so I can right click on something in a webpage and click 'inspect element' to see it's CSS properties. You can view the page source and look for what you want to disappear, then remember the CSS class name. Go back into the 'edit html' part of design for your blogspot and then use the 'find' feature on your browser to pull up the part of the template code that has that CSS class listed. Then just change it to display:none. If it's in a div then you can just erase that div and you should be fine. Worked for me.

I hope this helps. And just to clarify, I enjoy everyone's templates. They're all uniquely special! So, don't take this as a, 'hey you need a mint?' kind of thing. I was just wanting to share some great looking templates!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make Yourself a Website

Making a personal website is so easy and inexpensive! I literally bought a domain with my name for $1.24 for an entire year! That's hosting included! is who I use for domains and hosting. The only problem I've ever come across is unrecognized filetypes. I tried to host iPhone ringtones on a site of mine but the m4r extension threw the server off and acted like the files didn't exist. So I just zipped them and reuploaded them. The cheapest domains are .info domains. They were 89 cents when I bought mine. With taxes and some fees it brought the total to $1.24. Now they offer paid hosting, but their economy (free) hosting has plenty of storage and bandwidth for a personal presence on the web. The only thing is, economy hosting has ads. This was very annoying to me. Especially since I used a few 'position:absolute's in my CSS and the ads pretty much threw everything off. I found a workaround though. And it took me a while but it's so simple.

When removing ads, all you have to do is add one short line after all your page's HTML code. Literally right after the closing </html> tag, just add:

<textarea style="display:none;"> 

Even if you use a program to design your webpages, you can employ this workaround. You don't have to know anything about HTML to learn how to use this trick. Just open your page with notepad and add the code above at the bottom of all the code. Pretty easy right? You see, the ads are added on the fly. Godaddy doesn't edit your webpages to have the ads built in. Godaddy adds the ads when someone pulls up your page. 
So by adding an open-ended textarea, the browser thinks everything added after the textarea is just well text so it doesn't process it as the JavaScript it should. Plus with the display set to none on the textarea you won't see anything at all. By adding this to all the pages you want to be ad-free, without purchasing a hosting plan, you can have a much more professional-looking site without all the cost.

As for the hosting, there are two different types of servers Godaddy offers. Windows and Linux. So if you have pages get windows or if you're PHP get Linux. I go with Windows since it handles both pretty well. Now as for content, well that's up to you. I use Dreamweaver to make my webpages. I code because I think it's easier than messing with dreamweaver's individualized settings. But there are several designer programs out there. If you would like to learn HTML I'd recommend They have some amazing tutorials and they are a great resource when learning to code in HTML.

Even if you don't need a website, they're so cheap, it's like why not? I mainly did it so I could have my name as an email address. But I have also made a webpage for my dog and a fake movie studio! It's a hobby for me. Anyway, I hope this helped if you were looking for a cheap place to get a website!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

UPDATE: Greenpois0n to be Released This Sunday Morning!

greenpois0nSo who out there is dying for greenpois0n?! (For those that are unfamiliar with what Greenpois0n is, it's the next jailbreak for iDevices with the newest iOS. If you're not a big iPerson none of that explanation will help and I'm sorry.) I've upgraded my iPhone 4 to 4.1 and I love the HDR but I miss my jailbreak. I'm really tired of seeing how there are people out there phishing and scamming people. Of course with how long these types of scams have been around I'm surprised there are people out there dumb enough to give out their info without doing research. I've searched on google a dozen times for Greenpois0n and haven't come across one phishing site. The legitimate site is, right now it's just a picture of the logo which I have used in this post. There were a few YouTube videos with bogus links but, it seems like google does a pretty good job keeping the scammers away. It's supposed to be released soon, so I've signed up for quickpwn's email newsletters and I check daily. Anyway, I was curious about the fake install that's supposedly floating around. I read how there's a download full of Trojans. Has anyone actually come across a phony download, or even run across one of the phishing sites?

UPDATE, iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz author of the blackra1n jailbreak, posted that the greenpois0n jailbreak is confirmed to be released Sunday October 10, 2010 at 10:10 AM GMT. Click here to visit his blog and read the article yourself. So set your clocks, and get ready all you iPhone 4 , iPod touch 4th gen, or iPad owners! It's almost time to jailbreak!